SM Cebu Seaside Mall – Cebu’s Future Attractions

We all would agree that we love we love to shop, dine, and unwind. Thus giving birth to the phenomenon called “Malling”.  Years before the malling gained ground, I was already contented to go to Gaisano Main or Gaisano Metro to buy what I want. I never realized that malls are being built every three to five years. In fact, Cebu has built new malls for the last five years, we have SM expanded its mall with its North Wing, Ayala Center Cebu has built up its former parking space into new mall real estate, and Robinsons Cebu has finished its Cybergate Mall. What’s in the future for Cebu? New and bigger malls than we can ever imagine.

When it comes to the mall business, SM will always come into our mind especially with their iconic structures like the Megamall and the Mall of Asia in Metro Manila. Now they are bringing their ambitious plan to Cebu by constructing the biggest and the most futuristic mall in the Visayas, the SM Seaside City. Expected to rise in the South Reclamation area, the mall will soon kick-start development by boosting tourism and economic development. In this way, other mall operators will be forced to implement creative ideas of their own thereby creating a more vibrant malling culture in the city. With that in mind, I’m pretty sure Robinsons will have to work double time on their planned mall to compete with SM while Ayala Center is expected to develop an eco-friendly mall extension to compliment Terraces.

Groundbreaking for the SM Seaside City has already started and building the mall in the SRP would be a good idea as the developers plan to construct an iconic tower in the middle of the circular mall. In this way, shoppers will have the opportunity to see a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Yachts and ocean-going vessels are expected to dock near the mall so that tourists can have a scenic tour of Cebu and drop by the mall for some shopping and fine dining. International brands and other mall boutiques that haven’t made their businesses in Cebu will make their debut. I’m looking forward to see if Krispy Kreme or Carl’s Jr. would have their business here soon!

Large condominiums and hotels will enclose the mall and developers also planned to build a church, school, and hospital near the mall complex too. Talk about real urban development! Just imagine how the aerial view would look like if you ride in a helicopter just above the area in two years time. There will be a park in the mall’s outdoor area in the middle where the viewing tower stands. Aside from that, there is also a rooftop garden where shoppers can enjoy fresh air and the cool sea breeze. The four-level, circular-shaped mall with have multiple anchors with a two-storey SM Department Store and SM Hypermart, 6 movie theaters (including an IMAX Theatre), an 18-lane SM Bowling and Amusement Center, and a large food court. The ice skating rink will have its comeback after it was scrapped out from SM City Cebu. I wonder if we can play a game of ice hockey. Unlike, the large globe that dominates the Mall of Asia entrance, the mall will have a large LED cube installation that looks like a giant Rubik’s cube.

When I listen to SM’s jingle “We’ve got it all for you,” I can say that they are doing these developments for real. SM Seaside City is an eye candy attraction for foreign and local tourists as well as the people of Cebu. Can’t wait for the second quarter of 2013.

Project on the RiseSM Cebu South Road Properties Complex
Scheduled to Open: 4th Quarter 2012 to 1st Quarter 2013
Location: Cebu South Road Properties
Brief Description: SM’s 3rd Mall in Cebu (The biggest Mall in the Visayas Islands which is twice the size of SM City Cebu and as of this posting the 4th largest SM Mall)

Amenities:  Ice Skating Rink in Cebu, a larger IMAX Theater compare to SM City Cebu Imax, 4 Levels for Shopping and Dining, 6 Cinemas, a 16-lane Bowling Center,Hypermarket, Department store, FoodCourt,  Indoor and Outdoor ActivityAreas, elevated main drop-off area, A Rooftop Garden, An Iconic Tower at the center of the “City” Plaza, Alfresco Retail and Dining Concepts, A Piazza Renders


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2 thoughts on “SM Cebu Seaside Mall – Cebu’s Future Attractions”

  1. wow, that is awesome. and a very good news. i go to cebu every now and then. i always spend my time at sm cebu when i am done with my obligations. i am from tacloban city, leyte. sm is also opening in leyte. am not where. but i heard that sm will be opening soon in leyte. probably in 2014 or 2015. right now, we have gaisano capital and gaisano central and recently robinson’s place tacloban and last opened an annex. by the way, krispy kreme is on ayala cebu and sm cebu.


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